Please note that the Flash animations were converted to mp4 videos for easy viewing.

In 2006, I created my first portfolio using Flash (video below).
My first full-time job was Flash ads designer at Egypt Yellow Pages, I created ca. 250 flash ads from concept to completion. The ads had to follow strict guidelines as file size limitation to 35kb and ad duration to maximum 15 seconds, below are 4 sample ads.
My second portfolio was created using Flash with more Actionscript involved to create advanced animations and effects (video below).
​​​​​​​Below is an animation created for hello yellow project. The project was done on freelance basis for smp productions in Freiburg. The illustration of the city and some characters were provided by smp productions. The animation, music selection and more characters were done by me.
A project done on freelance basis. Illustrations and concept were provided by client. Animation, sound effects and music selection were done by me. 
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