As a web designer, I care to provide a good user experience in my designs. I recently completed an online UX Design course provided by Google, where I learned the process followed by the UX designers in Google from research to prototyping. More case studies will be added to this section in the near future.

24Ukraine Project
Together for Ukraine or 24Ukraine is the final project for 6 months User Experience course provided by Google.

24Ukraine mobile app and responsive website

About project
A hypothetical organization (24Ukraine) that supports Ukrainian refugees in Germany wants to have a responsive website and an application that connects refugees with volunteers.
The responsive website prototype lets the user navigate through the main menu and see how the final product will look and feel on Desktops and Mobiles.
In the mobile app prototype, the user can check the registration and login process or use the app as a guest and then use the search field to find suitable volunteers/refugees.

Here are direct links to the final project results, a Desktop Website with functional top navigation, a Mobile Website prototype with functional side navigation, and a Mobile Application with functioning registration/login, Guest login, and search field.

Project included
User research, persons, problem statements, competitive audit, digital wireframes, low-fidelity prototypes, usability study, mockups, high-fidelity prototypes, information architecture, and responsive website.

June 2022 - July 2022

Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma

Mobile App
Prototype purpose: simulate the user flow from starting the app to finding a suitable contact including sign up, login, use as a guest, and search functions.

Ideation for 24Ukraine app on paper

Digital wireframes for 24Ukraine app on Figma

High-fidelity prototype for 24Ukraine on Figma

Mobile Website
The prototype provides stakeholders with a preview of the final UI of the mobile website and functioning navigation. 

Mobile high-fidelity prototype on Figma

Mobile website preview

Desktop Website
The prototype provides stakeholders with a preview of the final UI of the desktop website and functioning navigation. 

Together for Ukraine website preview

Together for Ukraine website high-fidelity prototype on Figma

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